To create real and lasting pathways to learning, resources, and opportunities through technology and other mediums that result in bolstering financial literacy and healthy relationships with money for individuals and populations that have been systematically, categorically, and historically underrepresented and denied the intel, access, and tools needed to produce generational wealth.


Imagine an App that will inform, teach and allow you to not only manage but GROW your finances in a little as 10-15 minutes. FYI FLI is that app that will serve its customers by providing a new and innovative educational tool designed to promote financial literacy while allowing users to budget, save, eliminate debt and other options.

FYI FLI will impact the financial services industry by providing a simplified financial literacy app aimed directly at millennials and generation Z, but through extensive work with my development in India we have made FYI FLI – website and app all inclusive (14 and up). FYI FLI will have a simplistic foundation, but will allow consumers to learn, invest, receive money managing tips, and have access to stock news—all in one convenient place.

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